Chain link fence
Galvanized steel
Vinyl coated
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If you are looking for a fence that serves as an attractive boundary marker for your property while still providing an open-space feel, chain link fencing fits your needs. One of the most popular fence options, chain link is available in galvanized steel framework with galvanized or vinyl coated wire with optional colors - green, black, brown or white.

An all vinyl system is also available. Framework and wire are vinyl coated with optional colors green brown and black.

For commercial and industrial sites, chain link fence can be ordered in industrial strength and can be installed to almost any height and on any surface. Our custom design fence team is ready to create the perfect gate to accent your chain-link fence as well.

We offer walkway gates of various sizes, driveway gates and large slide gates. For more information, please call our office and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

Add privacy:
Top-locking fence slats

slat colors
slat sizes
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Slats come in standard heights of 4ft., 5ft., 6ft., 7ft., 8ft., 10ft., 12ft.

Special heights available upon request

Slat length approximately 2" shorter than height of chainlink fence.

To give your yard or building privacy with a chain link system, we offer durable, top-locking slats. Our PDS™ brand slats, come backed with a 10-yr warranty, and will stay flexible under extreme heat and cold. Read below for more details about colors, sizes and all the added benefits from adding slats to your fence.

Whether used for privacy or as a decorative fencing accessory, no installed slat system matches our products for value.

PDS™ slats are resistant to common environmental pollutants, and will withstand the attack of most acids, alcohol, alkalines, ammonia, detergents, salt water, water treatment chemicals and petroleum distillates. Pressure cleaning of surface contaminants is quickly accomplished with plain water.

PDS™ slats are made to fit all standard chain link fence meshes and gauges, coated or galvanized, from tennis court through industrial grid sizes. Any height is available in an assortment of colors. Slats are delivered in bags of single colors. Colors may be mixed into decorative combinations during application.

Sight obscuring surrounds are required by code for many industrial and commercial areas and are also often desirable for residential security and screening. Unsightly industrial facilities, utility stations or storage yards can be easily shielded from view and commercial areas can be attractively secured.